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Roll Away Nesting Box - Wall mounted

Roll Away Nesting Box - Wall mounted

Wall-mounted roll-away nesting box - the perfect addition to any poultry housing setup! The nesting box features a sloped bottom design that allows the eggs to roll gently away from the birds and into a collection area, ensuring that they stay clean and intact. The wall-mounted design saves valuable floor space and provides a secure and comfortable nesting area for your feathered friends.

Crafted from high-quality materials and not the cheap plastic that will break down in the Aussie sun!. The roll-away nesting box is built to last and withstand the elements. The easy-to-clean design makes egg collection a breeze, and the compact size makes it a great choice for backyard flocks or larger poultry operations. Whether you're a seasoned poultry owner or just starting out, our wall-mounted roll-away nesting box is a must-have for any happy and healthy flock. Order yours today and experience the convenience and benefits of a roll-away nesting box for yourself!

    • Premium quality plastic nesting box(not cheap plastic that will break down). 

    • Roll away design for easy collection of eggs.
    • Easily wall mounted with existing holes.
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