Live chickens cannot be shipped, so customers must pick them up from our Eaton, WA, collection point. (Delivery is also available for some order).

Step 1: Please view what is available on our Chooks for Sale section.

Step 2: Use the chat function on the website (bottom right) to let us know the Breed, Age and how many you are chasing. Our team will prepare the chooks and confirm the exact time with you.

Step 3:
Please wait until the precise time and day are verified before arriving at the collecting location. (The pickup site is in Eaton.) Please bring an animal carrier, a cardboard box to transport the hens home (please view below on tips for transporting your chickens).

How to Transport Chickens

A cardboard box with a few holes in the sides for ventilation will work for short journeys (less than a couple of hours). However, dog crates (or rabbit cages) are best for transportation for extended distances. Transportation with no access to water and feed must not exceed 8 hours.

We advise keeping the number of chickens per box to 4 to 6 and allowing enough room for each to sit comfortably during transportation. There will be less piling, better air circulation, and less buildup of body heat.

You can buy a box from us for $10 if you'd like us to handle this for you.

Areas We Service

The predominant areas we service are listed below (delivery is also available for some orders; please request this via the chat function when ordering).  

Bunbury, Perth, Mandurah, Dardanup, Busselton, Collie, DonnyBrook, Harvey, Nannup, Capel, Augusta and any other place you are willing to drive from :).