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Browns - Multiple Age Groups Available (Pickup Only)

Browns - Multiple Age Groups Available (Pickup Only)

Introducing the Aussie Brown —a top-notch crossbreed layer designed for the Australian market. This bird boasts a striking blend of brown hues, signaling its exceptional egg-laying capabilities. With a consistent output of large, brown-shelled eggs, it's the dependable choice for any egg-centric endeavor.

Beyond its egg-laying prowess, the Aussie Brown Hybrid stands out for its resilience and adaptability. From the early stages of rearing to full maturity, it maintains robust health and liveliness, ensuring a smooth journey from coop to nest.

Temperament-wise, this hybrid strikes the perfect balance—gentle and easy to handle, yet with a hint of independent spirit, making it well-suited for Australian backyard settings.

For those who value efficiency, look no further. The Aussie Brown Hybrid excels in converting feed into eggs, maximizing productivity while minimizing resource consumption.

They also make good family hens because they are relatively amiable and non-aggressive and don't mind a cuddle. 

Pickup only (Pickup point will be located in Eaton, WA. Collection directly from the farm is currently unavailable. Please view our  "Collection of Live Chickens" page for additional details on the process.

Please use the chat feature on the website to organise a pickup day and time.

18-20 week old (point of lay) $35
11-17 week old $30
4-10 week old $25
1-2 week old $12
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